1. Detection and recognition systems based on computer vision

We create systems and services based on computer vision and video analytics algorithms. Among our solutions are systems for detecting and recognizing various characteristics of objects and processes, including dimensions and dimensions, shape, speed, color, distance. Text recognition systems allow you to accurately identify various inscriptions, numbers, QR codes of arbitrary structure in conditions of strong noisy.

Key features

  • System for determining the number of objects
  • Number and lettering recognition system
  • Object characteristics detection system
  • Distance determination system
  • Control and safety system

The solutions imply the customization of models for specific conditions to improve the quality of recognition and are offered both SaaS solutions and out-of-the-box.

Computer vision and video analytics for business

  • Services for text recognition, detection of sizes, dimensions, colors, speed of objects

2. Predictive customer churn system

One of the main tasks of any company is to increase its customer base by attracting new and retaining existing customers. Each client generates a lot of information that can be used to understand how satisfied he is with the services or products provided and whether he is prone to churn.

Among the factors affecting customer loyalty are the following: • Frequency of service use • Payments • Time on the network / in the application / on the site • Geography • Age • Sex • Season • Account balance • Interaction with service providers • Type of device used • Participation in bonus programs, etc.

CusFlow algorithms allow you to divide the entire customer base into clusters and highlight the segments of customers that are most prone to churn. Our services are fine-tuned for each client base of our users, which allows us to get the highest prediction accuracy and, at an early stage, prevent customer churn.

Intelligent churn analysis

  • Identifying and preventing customer churn
  • Predictive customer churn system, allows you to identify segments of users potentially prone to churn

3. Text analysis and keyword extraction service

A service based on AI algorithms for highlighting keywords, sentiments and meaning of texts. Allows you to instantly highlight keywords from large texts, as well as to make their classification.

Using an open API, you can easily implement our engine for extracting keywords from texts and use it in any projects and applications.

Analyze text messages, speech, emotions

  • Extract keywords from any text in a moment

4. Deflamel disign wizard

The service of automatic design creation, developed by our company, based on the content of the text, sentimentality and sentimentality, allows you to quickly obtain a high-quality design for books, articles, postcards. We are constantly improving the quality of the results that our algorithms generate and bringing the created design closer to the design created by professional designers.

How it works?

Enter an excerpt from the book, the text of the article, a description of what you want to see in the end, or just keywords. Select one or several genres of the work. Our AI-based service will automatically select relevant images and transfer styles according to the content, tone and genre of the text.

Create custom designs for books, articles, news notes. It's really easy now.

Enter text, genre or keywords

  • Get the finished design
  • Use AI-powered design for books, websites and any applications

5. WitsArt - AI Images Generator

Service based on the meringue of an AI search engine developed by our company for images, photos, illustrations and vector graphics based on the meaning, sentiment and keywords of texts, articles and notes. Allows you to instantly find relevant images for news articles, notes, social media posts and news aggregators. Now you do not need to highlight the key ideas of large texts in order to provide them with a beautiful and suitable image, it is enough to download the entire text and instantly get a huge selection of images that are different in meaning and content.

Using an open API, you can easily embed our text-based image search engine into any projects and applications.

It is enough to enter the text of an article, a note, a description of a site or a blog, WitsArt algorithms will analyze the entered text, highlight the meaning, genre, keywords and find all relevant images that will reflect the meaning of the text and attract the attention of users. Create unique images by description, subjects that cannot be found in photo stocks. Generation algorithms will allow you to create truly unique images that are indistinguishable from real photographs.

Generation of photorealistic images from texts

  • AI algorithms like an artist create unique images based on textual description

6. Creation and support of services based on AI

We are open to discussion and cooperation with any organizations and companies in the field of creating services and applications in which machine learning plays a key role. Our competencies, deep knowledge and extensive experience allow us to attract specialists in the field of data analysis and machine learning, developers, analysts.

Development of services based on artificial intelligence

  • We are open to various cooperations and suggestions!