Typical solutions and products developed by the company

Classifier of parts

The parts classification system based on computer vision algorithms allows you to automatically determine the type of part, its article, characteristics, as well as highlight defective parts

Defect recognition system

System for detecting defects on various surfaces, foreign inclusions, print quality, etc.

Face recognition system

Face, silhouette, age recognition system

Text recognition system

Recognition of numbers, markings, QR-codes, free-form inscriptions

Object characteristics detection system

Determination of the quantity, type, brand, speed, color and dimensions of the vehicle

Distance determination system

Determining the distances and sizes of objects

Control and safety system

Control of presence in hazardous areas, violation of zone boundaries, control of personal protective equipment (helmet, mask, overalls, safety rope, glasses, gloves, device), fire and smoke

Predictive churn system

Determination in the database of a segment of customers prone to churn

Conversion forecasting system

Forecasting sales conversions, optimizing product markups

Information retrieval system

The system allows you, like chattpt, to find information in a local document database, segment and summarize texts

Система создания рекламных включений в видео-контент

Интеллектуальное включение рекламы в видео-контент

ReidTrack - система межкамерного трекинга

Система трекинга объектов по видео множества камер

Система подсчета и трекинга объектов

Анализ времени нахождения объекта в зоне, подсчет и трекинг объектов по заданным параметрам