Predictive systems

Predictive models make it possible with a high probability to assess the prospects for business development, calculate the conversion of sales in the future, predict the occurrence of an insured event, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the likelihood of a client paying a loan on time. Predictive systems of equipment failure allow you to diagnose and prevent breakdowns and failures of complex systems at an early stage. By assessing future results, you will be able to intelligently allocate resources, reduce costs, control product quality, improve the efficiency of decisions and automate manual labor.

Recommender systems

Analyze user behavior and generate relevant recommendations, offer related products and increase customer confidence. Personalized recommendations and service recommendations, depending on the needs of an individual client, increase sales and increase customer loyalty in various business sectors, such as retail, banks, aggregators and marketplaces, online stores, travel companies.

Computer vision and video analytics

Solutions and systems based on machine vision, video analytics, image recognition, allow you to automate various processes at industrial enterprises, factories, transport and logistics companies. Such solutions are increasingly being used and are very popular among technology, developing companies. Our many years of experience in the field of machine vision and video analytics, many completed projects allow us to guarantee the excellent quality and accuracy of the solutions created.

Data analysis

Analysis and preprocessing of data, search for anomalies and hidden patterns in the data. Dividing users or site visitors into segments for similar behavior, preferences, or other characteristics based on historical data analysis is an important strategy for wisely allocating resources to advertising and marketing companies. Visual models of such segmentation allow us to identify various patterns and connections between groups, which can be used to optimize promotion channels and select the most effective marketing moves for successful product positioning in the market.

Умный город

Проект «Умный город» - это набор различных сирвисов мониторинга и оптимизации городской среды направлен на формирование эффективной системы управления городским хозяйством, создание безопасных и комфортных условий для жизни горожан.